The history surrounding African Americans and the abstract ideas of subjects such as equality, justice, or freedom  in America has always been a very complex topic. While Blacks in America technically have a sense of these ideas, past and present occurrences in American society would say otherwise. From  the recent rise of police brutality, to the historical poverty rates,  to the overwhelming incarceration statistics, multiple questions arise surrounding the topic of African Americans in America. Do African Americans really have equality in America? Why are there such a large number of African Americans gunned down by the police force? Is systematic racism real?  When contemplating all of these questions, I began to think that with all of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the African American community on a larger scale, that we would be one of the most united races in America, but it seems that this isn’t so. There are various aspects that display a lack of unity from within our community. For example, black on black crime, a lack of support of black businesses and various forms of whitewashing all plague black communities throughout the country.  It is my purpose with this series to creatively showcase some of the problems faced in the African American community from both inside and outside forces, and to also remind the African American community that we as a whole must uplift one another as opposed to diminishing our own.