This photo series utilizes symbolism to dig deeper into a theme of perception. Based off of the metaphor "the eyes are windows to the soul", Windows depicts portraits of individuals with painted faces representing various emotions, characteristics, or traits. A subject's eye being closed is a portrayal of a window being shut. The subject is only allowing the viewer to consume what he/she wants to display. This refers to the perception of one's self someone shows off in day to day life. While the colors we present may be a part of who we are, there is always more. When an eye opens, a window opens giving you a direct view into who someone is. A subject's open eye lets in the viewer to all the unknown colors that one truly is. The pain, the fear, the anxiety, every single detail one tries to hide from the outside world is on display once you get a look into their soul.


When viewing Windows take a moment to analyze one's self. Ask yourself, what do you give off? What colors are you hiding? Why? Will revealing all of your colors to the beneficial to you in any way?